Proper diet is the cornerstone of a successful diabetes management program.

“Good nutrition is the foundation of good health and, for a person with diabetes, diet is the cornerstone of a successful management program. The patient and our medical professionals work step by step to develop a diet that can be adapted to an individual’s personal, medical, cultural, and economic considerations. Lifestyle issues must be addressed realistically if any diet plan is to be successful.”

Our program stresses the importance of providing that bridge from diet theory to dietary behavior. We feel that no diet can be accurately summarized; it must be individualized. Every patient with diabetes, whether newly diagnosed or just new to the practice, meets with our registered dietician.

  • A review of blood sugar records, food diaries, medical history, allergies, activity patterns, medications, and life schedules that would affect a nutritional plan.
  • Integration of this information into a plan that addresses medical dietary needs while taking into account the individual’s lifestyle.
  • Establishing a follow-up appointment frequency/schedule that suits each individual’s needs.

Our staff provides individualized medical nutrition therapy and counseling and conducts group seminars for adult men and women with specific needs, including diabetes or hypertension. These sessions cover a wide variety of topics including medical nutrition therapy, normal nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy, dietary needs of patients with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, obesity, eating disorders, renal disease or hypertension, strategies for dining out, food preparation, and how to read food labels.